I Acknowledgments (Non-Normative)

This document was produced with the participation of current XForms Working Group participants:

Former Working Group participants:

The XForms Working Group has benefited in its work from the participation of Invited Experts:


Editor Acknowledgments: Previous versions of this document were edited with assistance from Dave Raggett (until December 2000), Linda Bucsay Welsh (until April 2001), and Josef Dietl (until October 2001). Martin Dürst edited the section on input modes. The first edition of this recommendation was co-edited by Leigh L. Klotz, Jr. and Micah Dubinko.


Additional Acknowledgments: The editors would like to thank Kai Scheppe, Malte Wedel, and Götz Bock for constructive criticism on early versions of the binding discussion and their contributions to its present content. We thank John Boyer for authoring parts of the XForms events and action handler processing models as well as sections on the recalculation sequence algorithm. Finally, we would like to thank members of the public www-forms@w3.org mailing list for their careful reading of draft versions of this specification and providing constructive suggestions and criticisms.


Additional Acknowledgments: The Working Group would like to thank the following members of the XML Schema-XForms joint task force: Daniel Austin (chair), David Cleary, Micah Dubinko, Martin Dürst, David Ezell, Leigh Klotz, Noah Mendelsohn, Roland Merrick, and Peter Stark for their assistance in identifying a subset of XML Schema for use in XForms.